YITC, as a non-profit public organization, holds various events to promote international friendship and to further interest in tennis amongst the local community.
Open House for Children

"Naka-ku Children's Tennis School" is held four times a year in April, June, September and November in collaboration with Naka Ward of Yokohama City. Participation is free of charge. Details will be published in the Naka-ku Gazette.

Diplomat's Day

Diplomats' Day, the biggest event in the latter half of the year, will be held on every 2nd Saturday of Oct. Diplomats' Day brings together embassy staffers, their families, studensts and businessmen etc whoever introduced by embassies and YITC members for a round-robin fun tournament followed by a barbecue and potluck lunch. The event is designed to foster international friendship. Please contact the YITC office for details.

International Doubles Tournament (IDT)

This tournament, held every May, is open to members and non-members alike. What makes the tournament 'international' is the requirement that a doubles team cannot consist of two Japanese. In other words, one member of a team must hold a foreign passport. There are both mixed and men's tournaments.
The IDT is the biggest event on the YITC calendar, and preparation begins six months in advance with as many as 100 members volunteering their time.
The IDT attracts players of all different levels of ability. But regardless of how far participants advance, everyone makes new friends and enjoys the post-tournament barbecue. The IDT has been making a significant contribution to international friendship since its inauguration in 1987. It is an event of which YITC is proud.