Playing Tennis at YITC

There are several ways to play tennis at YITC. You can play regularly as a member or as a pre-registered visitor. You can also enjoy the YITC facilities as a guest of a member, or as a student in our tennis school program. We also offer several chances throughout the year for non-members to join us in fun tournaments and tennis exhibitions. Finally, YITC offers use of its courts to local schools as part of our community outreach program. Contact the YITC office for more information regarding any of these options.

Joining as a Member

Members of YITC are allowed to play anytime the courts are available. Membership consists of Regular and Associate (non-Japanese passport holders and their families) categories. Fees include an entry donation and quarterly dues. Minor menbership and family discounts are available. For an application form, please visit the YITC Office.

Becoming a Pre-registered Visitor (PRV)

PRVs can play tennis at YITC everyday including Saturdays, Sundays and national olidays. Registration fee for 1st year and 2nd onward is \ 43,200 and \ 32,400 espectively. PRVs can play either in the morning (0900-1300) or afternoon (1300-1700) by paying \1,620 for each session on weekdays, \ 3,240 in the morning and \ 4,320 in the afternoon on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Payment hould be made by previously purchased tickets. Limit of players number for PRVs per half day is 15.

Tennis School

Tennis classes are held Tuesday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday mornings for players of different levels of tennis ability.
Classes consist of 6-12 students and run for 120 minutes sessions.(once a week for a cycle of 8 consecutive weeks) Game classes are offered for those who wish to learn skills for playing doubles tennis.
As a public interest business YITC conducts 6 different classes depend on age, level of skill and purpose of children at reasonable fees.
We offer a non-Japanese high level instructor who conducts classes for adults as well as juveniles both in English and Japanese.

Contact the YITC office to sign up for schools and/or private lessons.