Playing with tennis balls
–At the oldest tennis club in japan–
Naka-ku Kids Tennis School( 4 times a year)
Free of charge
yDatez 2019 : April 14(Sun), June 9(Sun), September 8(Sun), November 10(Sun).
At 10:00am - 12:00noon <NO BACKUP DAY>
yPlacez Yokohama International Tennis Club at Yamate Park
yCoachz YITC coach
yCapacityz 4-12 years old@100 kids (Younger than elementary school students)
yWith youz Tennis Racket( free rent available )ETennis wearETennis Shoes
yApplicationz Send a double post card with name, address, age, telephone #, tennis experience: YES or NO, to below.
Send by 10days before being held iby lot if applicants are over 100 kids).
(your card will be accepted after the 1st day of the previous month.
e.gFto apply for May5th,we will accept your postcard from April 1st.)
230 Yamate-cyo, Yokohama International Tennis Community §231-0862
(One card per one kid only. If brothers or sisters, put their names in one card)
yQuestionsz YITC Office E681-9528 from 9:00am - 17:00pm
ySponsor/Cosponsorz Yokohama International Tennis Community/ Naka-ku office