Yokohama is the home of the Y.I.T.C.

Opened to trade and foreign settlement in 1859, Yokohama soon became Japan's premier port. Residents of its foreign settlement created a park in land leased from Myokoji Temple on the Bluff in 1870. It was here that in 1878 Englishwomen formed the Ladies Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, to which YITC traces its origins.
The Park has been called Yamate Park. It was designated as the national scenic site in Mar.2004.

International Today the Y.I.T.C. embraces a cosmopolitan membership who speak English as a common language.

Tennis is the prime mover of the Y.I.T.C.. The Y.I.T.C. has six clay courts - No.1 and 2, before the clubhouse, and No.3 through 6, on higher ground to the north. There is also a practice board next to Court No.3.

Community replaced "club" in "Y.I.T.C." in 1982 in line with a reorganization as a nonprofit foundation. Voluntarism is the key word of the community. Members fill positions on the Board of directors and the various committees that oversee Y.I.T.C. operations. Members flip the Yakisoba on the barbecue grille. Members park cars during the International Doubles Tournament.. The member last to leave the clubhouse turns off the lights, and locks the door. Nevertheless, the welcome mat is always out and the door is always open for new members. Drop by and see how you can join in the fun and partake of the camaraderie that are part of the heritage of Japan's oldest tennis community.