The 140years of YITC

The port of Yokohama was opened to foreign trade in 1859 ( the 6th year of Ansei). Seventeen years later, in 1876 (the 9th year of Meiji), Lawn tennis was initially played in Japan at the first western style park( then called Bluff Public Garden presently named Yamate Park) set up by the foreign residents located within the grounds of foreign concession. Two years after the establishment of the park in 1878 (the 11th year of Meiji), a tennis club was established under the name of 'Ladies Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club-LLT&CC' which is the starting point of the present day Yokohama International Tennis Community-YITC. YITC is the birthplace of tennis in Japan. The members of this club in those days were the ladies from the then British Empire. The ladies carrying pots of tea and sweets in their baskets visited the club riding on carriages. They played tennis on lawn courts radiating their youthfulness and fully enjoyed their life at the club.
(September) Due to the Great Kanto Earthquake, the courts receive a devastating blow and are fissured requiring a period of two year to restore the courts.
(December 8th) Due to the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Japanese Government takes away the right to the use of courts and land; thus, the club records break off until 1947.
The club renews the right to the use of courts and land in negotiation with the then Major of Yokohama City, Mr. Hiranuma.
First feminine Japanese member is accepted and admitted to the club. Male Japanese members start to get accepted and admitted from the following year(1957).
The club changes its name from LLT&CC to YITC(Yokohama International Tennis Club).
The club becomes a Shadan Houjin( a non-profit public organization) changing it name to Yokohama International Tennis Community. Consequently, the objective of the Tennis Community has become to promote the game of tennis and international friendship. Moreover, in order to contribute and administer to the public interest of the surounding areas, the Tennis Community has also unlocked many of its doors to the public.
YITC commences to hold 'The International Doubles Tournament' under the auspices of the city government and the prefectural government. The games are held annualy to this very day.
Centenary Tennis Club Association, a global association of presently forty seven Tennis clubs with a history of at least one hundred years, is established. YITC eligibility is recognized and is admitted to the association. Presently, YITC is the one and only member of this association in the whole of Asia.
YITC was accredit as Public Interest Corporation by the Cabinet Office.
YITC celebrates its 140th year anniversary of its establishment.